In Love With Kenzo World

As long as I can remember, I always had a thing for perfumes. I was always looking for new, mesmerizing smells and mood-lifting tones that would suit me best. Well, after a while I found a new scent that stole my heart. It’s Kenzo World.

Perfumes and I

As the time passes, we change and so do our preferences for smells. Also, I believe that perfume is a wonderful way to tell people who you truly are. You know, there are so many aspects defining us and our personalities and, in some cases, those visible things can be a bit misguiding. The perfume puts everything in place. It’s like the final aspect defining you as a person.

In my life, I had many different perfumes, from sweet and girly ones to strong feminine. A couple years ago I got myself Love Story by Chloe and lived my own love story with it. But when the bottle was empty, I simply couldn’t find another perfume that I would enjoy to the fullest.

Emm… Honestly, it took me around two months to find the right perfume, I’m not joking! I just couldn’t get myself a perfume that didn’t feel like this is the one. I tried out all the scents I had in the past and I still liked them but there’s a huge difference between liked and loved.

Oh, Kenzo World…

However, I couldn’t live without perfume so I was going through many scents and trying them out. One day I noticed that eye looking bottle and tried the scent.

This was exactly what I was looking for.

Smelling like a midsummer night, not too sweet and not too heavy. Strong, feminine, sensual. It was Kenzo World and it was me.

But oh boy, I didn’t buy that perfume once I found it… And it was all because of the bottle! That eye looking bottle looked good but it was so uncomfortable to open it… It took me around two weeks of hesitations. I was looking for other scents similar to that one but was always coming back to the Kenzo World.

Well, after all, I got myself that lovely! Even though I’m still a bit skeptical about the bottle of Kenzo World, the scent itself if incredible. While chosing perfume, I tried more scents than ever before. Well, the Kenzo World is definitely my favorite scent right now and I’m truly in love with it!

Finding the right perfume is incredibly important, at least for me. It took me quite a while to find the right one but, oh, it was worth it! Every day since I got myself the Kenzo World was enchanting. I felt completed and balanced, full of power and feminine at the same time. This is what I was looking for and gladly, I got it after all. Kenzo World, I’m in love! 

April 8, 2018