Goodbye my old hair color, hello blondie

The first time I had my hair colored was, I believe, in the first grade. Yup, when I was a pupil.

Some time later, when I was a teenager, I had red and orange hair. But then I let them grow, cut them, and enjoyed my natural hair for more than ten years now.

And last summer I had some thoughts of coloring them. However, then I also reminded myself of the feeling when I had when my dyed hair was growing longer and I didn’t want to color them again. That’s when I decided to wait until my hair will start getting grey and only them dye them.

So far no sign of gray hair.

However, I wanted to change my hair so badly that I broke my decision and once the hair salons reopened after quarantine I was there to make some changes.

Balayage was what I chose.

After almost three hours spend in the hair salon, I finally got to see the result

Oh boy, it was so strange to see myself like that! Never before have I had blondie looking hair!

But that strange wasn’t bad. On contrary! It was incredibly good!

I still stop my the mirror to have a better look at myself even a few days after. At first, it seemed like a different person’s reflection. But now I’m getting used to it and each day I’m more and more happy about this decision!

For local women in Vilnius, in case you wonder where I had my hair done, it was the Meistras ir Margarita beauty salon and it was senior stylist Dovile who did the magic. It was my second time having my hair done by hair and she’s a true professional. So if you’re also looking for some hair changes, I do recommend her very much.

Well, looks like I wanted this change for a reason, I truly needed it. Couldn’t be happier about it!