Feeling special with L’Oreal

Highlight your eyebrows, add some mascara and a lip gloss… Ah… Yeah, that feels good! And it’s especially good when using quality products! What are my favorite ones? L’Oreal…

There are three beauty products I use when I want to feel special. The ones that make my eyes look at their best and make me feel sexy and feminine.

The first product I swear by is the L’Oreal eyebrow kit. I got this one because I needed small tweezers that I could add to my hand luggage when flying and this kit had perfect tweezers. However, the forming cream and shadow were a pleasant surprise. They make my eyebrows look great all the time and that’s hot this kit became my daily companion. Perfect dark brown eyebrows matching my hair color are the best!

When eyebrows are done, it’s time for eye lashes. L’Oreal mascaras never fail me so when my old mascara ended, I went for the L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Fatale mascara and it was exactly what I needed. Long, dense lashes are what I’m aiming for and that’s what I get when using this mascara. The only withdrawal is that I haven’t noticed it’s not water resistant so I have to keep myself aware of that when in “dangerous” situations but despite this, the mascara is perfect and I love how my lashes look with it.

Well, and of course, the last thing a woman needs in order to feel strong, feminine and special is a lipstick or a lipgloss. Actually, I have only one lipgloss because I usually find them too dry, sticky, smelly or something else, except this one. This L’Oreal lip gloss is divine! Its Cream color seems so natural and nude yet it makes my lips look alive and… sexy. Besides, it smells very pleasant and it doesn’t dry out lips. Plus this color looks truly good (or is it just me who thinks so?) on my light skin. Always having it with me so whenever I would need my superpowers it would be by my side.

Feeling special is a state of mind but whenever it’s the right mood or not, some makeup always can make you feel better. These three L’Oreal products are the ones I enjoy the most and they make me feel special every day when I use them.