Feeling love with Louise Kragh bracelet

Love can be found in many various forms. It can be in words, in touches, in gifts, in the atmosphere and everywhere else. This time, I want to tell you about love in bracelet.

In the beginning of June it was my birthday and, after the dinner with the family, my boyfriend who already gave me the gifts, told that he wants to get me some nice jewelry. So we went to a nice boutique and I had to choose something. Honestly, I’m not used to picking jewelry because Pavelas always chooses it for me. And this time I felt quite lost and had no idea which one of all these beautiful pieces is the one. After seeing my frustration, he showed me a simple yet significant bracelet with a pearl on a red cord. I immediately knew this was it. This was the jewelry I want the most. This was Louise Kragh bracelet.

The next day after my birthday I had to leave for a business trip but with all my heart I wanted to spend that time with my love. Therefore, I asked him to put on the bracelet so each time I’d look at it or touch it, I could feel his love. Today is three weeks after that. Three weeks of me wearing this lovely bracelet nonstop. And all this time, I was surrounded by love…

Thank you Louise Kragh, for creating such a lovely piece of art and thank you, my love, for always being there with me.