My Favourite Timeless Accessories

I used to be a girl who wears different accessories every day and very rarely the same ones. But I’m not that girl anymore. I found the accessories that suit me best and I simply can’t spend a day without them so I want to share my favorite timeless accessories with you! Oh, and each of these accessories has its own story, so make a cuppa and continue reading!

What time is it?

I always loved watches because, for me, they associate with intelligence and elegance. Also, I always want to know what time it is and be in control of it but, in my opinion, checking the watch on my phone on many occasions would be rude and disrespectful to other people. That’s why I always wear a watch. My favorite one is Daniel Wellington, which was a gift from my parents for my twenty-first birthday. This was the first watch I wanted so badly! It seemed so simple and so classy that I promised my parents to wear it every day if they’ll present it to me. Surprisingly, it wasn’t a lie, in more than two years there wasn’t a day without this watch.

Lovely clouds!

Not only I wear a watch every day, there’s no day without earrings as well! The love story with Okiiko started two and a half years ago when on Valentine’s day I received the first pair of purple four-lobed clovers from my boyfriend. It was love at the first sight! I was wearing these earrings every day and my boyfriend knew I’d love to have some more such lovely pieces. Since then, every year I receive a new pair of Okiiko earrings and now have three of them. The only dilemma each morning is “which Okiiko earrings should I wear today?”!

And something personal

The third timeless accessory of mine is a bracelet which I made myself a year ago. Last summer I was very passionate about polymer clay and made a lot of bracelets, pendants, and earrings. But there was only one bracelet I fell in love with. A simple off-white one with a piece of golden tube. I still remember how almost at midnight when I was finishing some other pieces and was about to go to bed, a vision about this bracelet came to my mind. I couldn’t keep myself from doing it so instead of going to bed I took the last piece of white polymer clay I had and made eighteen beads. Then I put them into an oven to bake for ten minutes but this was enough for me to fall asleep. The beads turned to be off-white because I overbaked them, but even in the middle of the night I couldn’t go to bed without finishing this bracelet. So this is how my favorite bracelet was created!

We all have some things that complete us, for me, it’s my super classy Daniel Wellington watch, lovely and inspiring Okiiko earrings, and the bracelet which always reminds me of my passion and devotion. I’m curious to know what accessories you can’t live without? Share your favorites with me!


October 18, 2017