Facial Care With Uoga Uoga

Here I am again writing about Uoga Uoga natural skincare but, oh boy, I love their products and could tell you how awesome they are every day! A few months ago I got a gift from my mother and sister. They knew how much I enjoyed all skincare products of this brand and got me something new – a face mask and a facial night cream!

Healthy Skin With Uoga Uoga

Almost one year ago I stopped using makeup daily and began to pay attention to my skin condition. Well, before that, it was more important for me to look good with makeup and I didn’t care how I look without it. Obviously, daily use of makeup was harmful to my skin but since the beginning of last summer I started using Uoga Uoga products and skincare became one of my favorite things.

During that time, I tried quite many facial skincare products. There’s a post about creams and scrubs and another one about face mask and a facial cream. Those products were perfect for my skin so when I got a new face mask and a facial night cream I was very happy and couldn’t wait to try them out!

What’s most important for me when it comes to skincare is that I want my skin not to look healthy but to be healthy. I noticed so many brands promoting their products and claiming they make skin look healthy. But what’s the point of using that kind of products? Meanwhile, I know that Uoga Uoga products are natural and my skin not only looks great, it feels great. Therefore, I’m always looking forward to trying their products.

Brother Clay

So one of my latest crushes is the face mask called Brolis Molis or Brother Clay in English. It’s made out of four ingredients: Kaolin white clay, Green Illite clay and Morrocan lava clay, and aloe leaf extract. What I enjoy a lot about this mask that it’s super easy to use. You simply need to pour some mixture in a hand and add some water. Then stir it with a finger and apply the mask to the face. I love how easy it is! Besides, if you want to play around with it a bit longer, you can follow the recipe written on the bottle and make a super mask with bananas and oats. This mask makes my skin extremely soft and radiant. Therefore I try to use it at least once a day and to enjoy the therapy.

Queen of the Darkness

Of course, after a facial mask, a good cream is a must. Because I always apply the mask before going to bed, I also moisturize my facial skin well by using a night cream. The one that I use is called Tamsos Valdove or Queen of the Darkness. It’s rich in lavender and almond extracts and because of that has a nice lavender smell which also helps to sleep better. The cream itself is of pretty nice consistency. Even though it’s a night cream, it’s not too heavy so I’m happy to use it every night. Since I started to use it, my skin became well moisturized and even. Never before have I enjoyed my facial skin so much!

There are many Uoga Uoga products that I tried and they all stole my heart. I love what natural products can do to skin and how it can make it healthier and more vivid than it was some time ago. If you’ve never tried Uoga Uoga products, you must do so, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy them!

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May 9, 2018