Face cleansing with Bioderma

Let’s talk about face cleansing with Bioderma! Why our faces need to be cleansed, why I choose Bioderma to do that and how it is after cleansing.

So obviously, every day our skin is exposed to various external and internal factors such as dust, dirty air and many others (makeup, sweat, etc.). For sure all of that can’t do any harm to our skin. The pores get clogged and the skin itself gets covered under all those makeup leftovers and dust. It can’t “breathe” and regenerate as well as when it’s cleansed. In the short term, it might seem unmeaningful but in the long term, the skin loses its glow and can look older than it actually is. And that’s why it must be cleansed.

For the facial cleansing, I got myself two Bioderma products: a cleansing gel and an exfoliating gel.

The cleansing gel is very soothing and purifying. Besides, it’s suitable not only for the face but can be used for the whole body. Depending on the facial condition, the skin can be cleansed with it one or two times per day. I always use it at least once but whenever I can, I try to use it in the mornings and in the evenings. It’s because in the morning the face needs to get rid of all the bad stuff that comes out from the pores with the sweat during the night. And in the evenings, I want to clean it from all the external factors so that it could breathe and regenerate.

Speaking of the exfoliating gel, its tiny grains are great for exfoliation of the dead skin. It leaves facial skin very smooth, well cleansed and all the pores unclogged. I use it once or twice per week, depending on whether the simple cleansing gel can do the job or if a decent exfoliation is needed. Once per week it’s a must but sometimes I also use it in the middle of the week.

What I personally like a lot about these products is that they are affordable, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and great for sensitive skin like mine. Besides, every time I clean my face, I love that feeling of radiance and glow. It also allows me not to wear makeup daily and still look pretty and confident about my facial skin.

April 13, 2019