Dry skin recovery with Babe

Each year around this time, my facial skin and lips become incredibly dry. And it doesn’t matter how much effort I put in my skincare during Winter and early Spring, it’s still the same. Exfoliating dead skin cells helps to make my facial look better but it doesn’t solve the main problem – dry skin. 

This time to make myself glow again I decided to give a try to Babe skincare products. I got myself a deep hydrating facial Hydro 24h cream-gel and a lip care stick.

Since I started using them around a month ago, my skin became much better. I apply Hydro 24h cream-gel generously almost every morning after cleansing the facial skin and exfoliating it when needed. For around one hour I let it soak into my skin and moisturize it deeply. Then, I clean my face with a dry wipe to remove excess cream. However, if I’m not going anywhere, I keep the cream a little bit longer. Since the skin absorbs all the cream that is necessary for it at that time, there’s no point in leaving the excess cream. Well, and sometimes I use the Hydro 24h cream-gel in the evenings, also after cleansing my face. Then I leave the moisturizer to soak in during the night. But this I do only a couple of times per week since I prefer morning skincare routine.

Speaking of lip balm, at the beginning I used it very often, each morning and evening after brushing my teeth and multiple times during the day whenever it felt necessary. The thing with my lips is that they’re dry themselves but I also scratch them sometimes… This is a bad habit that I’m trying to get rid of but when my lips are dry I simply can’t keep my hands out of them. Therefore, lipstick is not only good because of hydration but also because it makes lip scratching impossible.

After around one month of using Hydro 24h cream-gel and lip care stick, I can tell you that they really improved my skin. It’s much better hydrated and glowy now and is nothing like it was a month ago. Besides, I also really like that both Hydro 24h cream-gel and lip care stick are suitable for sensitive skin like mine and don’t irritate it. Their consistency and absorption are very nice and I’m happy I gave these products a try, I’m sure I’ll be repurchasing them later on. Happy to feel good in my skin again and have a radiant face!