Why I Choose Almost Makeup Free?

Many years ago, I used to play with my mum’s makeup and believed that I’m the most beautiful girl when I have a lot of bright eyeshadows on my eyelids, pink blush on the cheeks and, of course, vivid red lips. Because, you know, this is how all the princesses in the books and movies looked like! I haven’t used makeup at that time but I dreamed about it a lot. Years later, when I became a teenager, I began to hate my facial skin because of acne. Makeup allowed me to hide my problems but, at the same time, it made me disgust my no-makeup face. Every morning I applied tons of cosmetics and did everything I could to hide it even from myself.

My facial skin became better around four years ago, this is when I became less obsessed with makeup and decided not to wear it if I’m staying at home all day. Despite the fact that my skin wasn’t terrible, I still was ashamed of it.

This is where my boyfriend came in, he rejected to kiss me if I had makeup on my face!

It was difficult to change my attitude at the beginning but I started to carry face cleansing wipes with me all the time. I wore makeup at university and at work but when we had to meet I always cleaned my face. These were the first little steps to free my mind from imaginary boundaries and love myself the way I am.

Since this summer I decided to say goodbye to all the foundations, powders and blushers. It wasn’t easy to do that, after using makeup every single day for the past six or seven years… Yes, I felt insecure and afraid, but months passed and I got used to it.

The only makeup products I use right now are the brows shades and mascara. These two are the only ones I need on a daily basis to be more confident and feminine.

However, skincare is incredibly important to keep my skin nourished and moisturized. There’s no morning or evening without an organic face cream and a natural lip balm. My favorites are Uoga Uoga face cream Orange Cloud with orange blossoms and tangerines, and a shea butter, coconut oil and bees wax lip balm from PoaPoa (it’s not for sale right now but I’ll let you know when it’ll be!). These skincare products allow me to love my skin and not to even think about hiding it under a layer of makeup.

Now I feel more confident than ever and enjoy my skin the way it is. There are no words to describe how great it feels to accept not only my skin but myself as a person. I hope you already love yourself the way you are but if you struggle, try to say goodbye to makeup, I’m pretty sure it’ll help.

By the way, let me know about your relationship with makeup!


November 6, 2017