Boosting Mood With Rival Nail Polish

Not all days are perfect. Sometimes there’s a lot of things going on, sometimes there’re challenges waiting for us and sometimes it’s just not the right mood. On such days, we, girls, can use our secret weapon. A nail polish. Have you ever thought about all those therapeutical aspects of a nail polish before? Well, there’s quite a lot of good things about it.

Relaxation and Self-Care

Obviously, the main reason why we use a nail polish is that we want to look beautiful. It’s a completely natural wish, maybe even an instinct. However, a nail polish is perfect for helping us to feel this way.

But think about the process of having your nails polished. Whether you do manicure yourself or go to the beauty salon, you still need at least half an hour to have your nails formed and polished. It’s at least half an hour of self-care time. It’s at least half an hour of taking that precious time to slow down and to spend it only for yourself. In a world when every minute of ours is planned and we’re rushing all the time, those thirty minutes or more is what helps us to keep the balance and to take care of ourselves.

Choose The Mood

Besides, a nail polish itself is wonderful when it comes to setting the right mood. Some days we need to be strong and confident more than ever, some days we want to feel nice and girly or any other way. Well, simply choose the right color and you’ll feel that way!

I’m not gonna tell you all the details about the power of colors because it’s an incredibly wide topic but you can easily find all the information online. What I want to tell you is that you should know how you want to feel and trust your gut when choosing the right color.

Also, don’t be afraid to manipulate your own mind. When you know some extra charm and confidence can help you on some particular days, go for a bold red nail polish. You can never go wrong with it and I’m pretty sure your mood will change accordingly and you’ll feel strong and confident.

Actually, this is exactly why I got myself this matt red Rival nail polish. I simply wanted to boost my self-confidence a little bit. Because my hands are almost always on my sight, I see that strong, feminine color as well and it makes me feel just the way I wanted. Same goes for the pink nail polish. On some days, when I want to feel playful and girly, I use that pink Rival nail polish. It’s the easiest way to set the right mood.

So whenever you’ll need to feel in some particular way, I highly suggest you choose the right nail polish color. Also, don’t rush to do the manicure but take your time and enjoy it to the fullest. It’s a wonderful way to take care of yourself and to boost your mood whenever you need it.