Beauty time with my favorite foundation & powder

Even though I’m not a fan of makeup and for the past couple of years I almost wasn’t using any foundations or powders, I make exceptions sometimes. I love the feeling when there’s nothing else on my facial skin but sometimes life happens and I need to apply some extra beauty to my skin (you know, those red cheeks…). So here’s all you need to know about my all time favorite foundation and powder!

Since my skin is very light (yup, even when it’s summer) I struggle a lot to find the right toned foundations and powders. That’s why once I’ve found the perfect matching ones, I stuck to them.

Garnier BB Cream

I was a couple years ago when I first tried Garnier BB Cream. I was using Light/Claire color and this tone was just perfect for me. So perfect that I still haven’t found anything better! What I also like a lot about it, that it’s quite weightless so even though I feel the best when there’s nothing on my skin, this foundation makes me feel like there’s almost nothing. It also makes my face look even and covers all those imperfections I want to hide (that’s the goal!). One more thing I like a lot – since I use my foundation very rarely, like just a few times per season, I’m glad I can use the same foundation during any season. Even though my skin tone is light, during summer it still changes a little bit but this Garnier BB Cream looks perfect no matter when. Couldn’t be happier about it!

Uoga Uoga Sleeping Beauty powder

However, when it comes to covering all those imperfections of facial skin, the foundation isn’t enough. This is where powder comes in! The one I have now, Uoga Uoga Sleeping Beauty powder, I discovered also a couple years ago and it became my favorite ever since. Superb for light skin, it can be used during any season as well as the Garnier BB Cream foundation. Together they’re an incredible combo, making me super confident when I need it most.

It doesn’t matter how much I enjoy my own natural face, on some days I simply need that extra power and these two are exactly what I need. Almost invisible but super powerful. And the best option for such light skin.