Autumn Skincare Routine

During autumn, when the weather gets colder, it’s incredibly important to take a proper care of skin, that’s why I want to share my autumn skincare routine with you guys! I’m not a fan of tons of different skincare products, I’m the one who sticks to those that I like most. When it comes to skincare, there are two things that dictate my routine: cleansing and moisturizing.

Dry Brushing!

Have you ever tried dry brushing? If your skin isn’t extremely sensitive you have to try it! But I wish I bought my dry brush earlier! I was a bit skeptical about it and thought it wasn’t something I would like but, oh boy, it is wonderful! Never before has my skin been so clean and soft. The dry brush removes pieces of dead skin perfectly and at the same time massages skin and stimulates blood circulation. As a result, my skin looks better than ever! I’ve also read that it helps to reduce cellulite and, honestly, I can spot some signs of it on my tights, so I hope this brush will help me to cope with it.

Perfect Moisturizer

To have skin cleaned is obviously not enough, it must be well moisturized in order to be healthy. I’ve tried a lot of different moisturizers and, finally, I found the perfect one. It’s Shea butter cream. Let me tell you a story how I found it, or how it found me. Almost a year ago, I started working for a social enterprise and natural cosmetics brand PoaPoa. We were working with small-scale entrepreneurs in developing countries and one of them happened to produce shea butter. But not the one that has a label “Shea butter” on it while the ingredients list is far from that. I mean, the Shea butter I use is made almost only from Shea butter! For me, it’s incredibly important to know that I use only natural ingredients that won’t harm my skin. But most importantly, it moisturizes skin perfectly and has a nice smell of cocoa so I apply it on my skin almost every evening and get up in the morning with a well moisturized and radiant skin!

A proper skincare is important for everyone, especially when it’s cold and wet outside. My skincare favorites for this autumn definitely are a dry brush and a natural shea butter. You can try these as well, a dry brush can be found probably at any store but a shea butter is a hard find, at least a natural one, so you can get one from PoaPoa. And I want you to know, that I recommend it not only because I work at this company. I recommend it because it’s truly the best moisturizer I ever had! Plus, it has an inspiring story about people who make it.

Let me know what are your autumn skincare favorites and what is your opinion about shea butter!


September 17, 2017