Rainy Afternoons and Future Goals

Have you ever thought how mesmerizing and calming the sound of rain is? Not only it refreshes the nature but our minds as well. On rainy afternoons I love to make myself a cup of coffee to keep me awake and to think about my dreams, goals and the future.

I believe it is essential to our mindfulness and well-being to stop for a minute and consciously think about where and who we are now in our lives and where we are heading. When it comes to figuring out our own thoughts, a notebook is irreplaceable. So go to make your self a cuppa, grab your notebook and take a seat, I have some "how to live the life of your dreams" tips to share with you!


We all have ups and downs, we all have to do some things in our lives that we may do not like much but we still can see how generally our life looks like and where does it lead to. This is why we have to evaluate it from time to time and make some changes to keep it in the right direction.

Ask yourself, what is your goal in ten years? Where do you want to be and what do you want to do? Write down your thoughts, everything that comes to your mind. Then look at what you have written and chose one main goal that you really want to pursue.

It is quite a long period and a lot can happen so that one main goal includes a lot of other, smaller goals, the ones that you could call steps to your main goal. Think about them, what are the steps? What do you have to do to pursue your dream? Brainstorm the ideas of these steps and write them down. Now think about the order of them? What steps you have to take to make another one?

Making Goals SMART

Then it is time to make all your steps "smart". Each of them has to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely. You have to be clear when and on what occasions you can mark the step as stepped. It might seem difficult at first to make all these little goals to be smart, especially when you do not know how much time exactly some steps might take but it is not as important as knowing the steps towards your goal and what leads to what.

Let's Change

So what is the first step you have to take to make your dream come true? You might need smaller or bigger changes in your life to take that first step but, well, it is worth it when you know where you are going. My only advice is - be brave and do not give up. We live only once and it is up to us how we live.

You definitely will need to review your goals at least once a year but, please, have a list of these steps near you all the time so that you would not forget to keep yourself on track!

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