Meditation in the Kitchen

Have you ever tried to meditate? I still remember how many years ago, when I was just a little girl, I heard about meditation for the first time. In my mind, it seemed as an act of magic, I imagined myself sitting peacefully, thinking about nothing, just breathing and finally floating in the air like a Tibetian monk. When I got older, I was deeply interested in psychology and well-being so I have tried meditation as well. Whether I was meditating at home or with help of my yoga teacher, I have never experienced a true feeling of meditation. Though now I believe I have found my own way of meditation.

Find Your Way

After trying various versions of meditation, I figured out that every person has its own way of meditation. For some people, it is quite easy to calm down their thoughts and concentrate on breathing. For others, it is easier with a guidance of a professional, telling them how to stop that mind flow step-by-step. Others claim that they find easy to meditate while running, though your body is super active, your minds can calm down. I have tried to meditate while running but it worked only when I was running at least three times a week, about a half an hour each time, only then I could think about nothing, just run and it felt like a meditation.

Of course, you might wonder, how does it feel exactly to meditate? How can you be sure that you have experienced this? Well, once you will succeed to calm your mind and experience a true meditation, you will know it. You have to be patient and train your mind but it gets easier with time.

Kitchen Vibes

Wanna know how I like to meditate the most? In the kitchen, while making dinner! Not gonna lie, I was surprised when I noticed for the first time that I was meditating while cooking but it is truly the best mind-calming activity I have ever experienced! Most of the time, when I am making dinner, I am alone at home so I play some music in a language that I do not understand and play around in the kitchen, not thinking too much what I am doing, simply enjoying the process. Usually, after few minutes, I just log off! My body does what it has to do - makes dinner, but my mind isolates from all the distractions and this is when I experience meditation.

In order to meditate, you have to try various ways and, finally, you will find your own. It is about calming your mind, not necessarily your body, so do not stop trying until you will find your own way, it will make you feel significant!

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