Confession: The Joy of Creation

Over the past three months, I felt an eager to find myself once again and to figure out what is my duty in this life. During that time I was thinking deeply about the lifestyle I want to live and the career that would suit it well. The problem was, that my minds were changing way too often and if the ideas I came up with seemed thrilling, none of them would have provided me enough income. The only thing I knew very well, that hell, I don’t want to work for somebody anymore! There were days when I felt completely lost and when I was about to give up and go with the flow. But during that period also were two days that I believe will end up this period of self-hesitation and negative thinking.

The 3rd of July

After the university hustle was over and I came back to London, I had a lot of time for myself. I was thinking in what field should I pursue my career and what position I would truly enjoy. Somehow, thoughts about blogging came to my mind. That wasn’t a surprise, I had been writing a food blog when I was at school, later on, I created a new one and wrote about fashion, and I had one more blog about my daily insight since this year. They all were deleted. I simply couldn’t write them longer than a few months. Probably it was because my head is always full of new ideas and projects I want to implement, so I just leave old projects aside and forget them. On the third of July, I decided to start blogging once again. But not only about food, fashion or beauty but mostly about lifestyle and the things I enjoy. On that day I started this blog and it was one of the best days this summer. It’s my pleasure to actively look for inspiration and charms around me daily and put them into words later on. It made me more conscious about the life I’m living and that it’s only up to me to make it significant.

The 25th of September

Speaking of the second best day during that quite mentally hard period, it was just a few days ago but I’m already pretty sure it will make my life much more pleasant from now on. As mentioned before, I was feeling lost mostly because I couldn’t find a solution that would allow me to live the life I want and to have a job which I would enjoy. We both, my boyfriend and I, want to travel a lot, definitely more than one month per year, which means I need to have a remote job. I also desperately wanted to work in some kind of creative industry, but that led to another problem… I just can’t work a 9 to 5 job, because I’m a night bird when it comes to being creative. Thoughts about the fact that I need to get a job and the little voice in my head screaming that I can’t work in a position that doesn’t meet my needs was devastating. They were torturing me quite long but, finally, I understood what I have to do. Since I was a little girl I was telling everyone that “I won’t work for anybody, I will be creating jobs for others“. That was the answer what should I do. Next Monday I’m starting a Customer Experience consultancies for e-commerce business newbies that are selling goods for women. Over the past few years, I learned a lot about sales and what makes a business successful and now I will be helping others to ensure perfect customer experience and turn their side hustle into a successful business! Can’t tell how excited I am about this!

What I enjoy most in life is creation, it makes my heart beat faster and brightens the day. I’m incredibly happy that after all this time, I think I’ve found a way to combine work with pleasure. Even if all of these won’t work out, I’ll know that I’ve tried it. Besides, It’s hard to open up about hard times but the truth is, we all have them and… They don’t last forever. Just keep going and don’t forget what you are looking for.

Sleep tight fellas, a lovely weekend is waiting for ya!

September 17, 2017
October 4, 2017