Attracting Positive Vibes

Have you ever thought, how easy it is to let negativity rule your life? We get irritated by small, ordinary things that we face every single day. Meanwhile, it seems that we let all the good things go unnoticed too often. Attracting positive vibes might mean that you will have to change your attitude and behavior but that is only for good, though it might be difficult in the beginning. There are many ways to attract positive vibes but I have three ways that I like most, it is noticing, thanking and caring.


The first way I like most is Noticing. What I mean by that is that you consciously have to try to notice all the good things around you instead of concentrating on not so pleasant things. Look around you and find at least one thing that makes you happier, it might be a sunny sky or a melancholic rain, it might be a happy person you see on the street or a kid playing with a toy, or it might be a well-deserved cup of tasty coffee. Actually, it can anything! You simply have to notice those positive things around you, think about them at least for a second and enjoy them. You might think what's in it for me if that kid is happy while I have a lot of work to do and take care of my family and did not get enough sleep last night and my head is aching because of all of this? But I promise you, once you start consciously thinking about all nice and pleasant things around you, you will become more positive, your attitude will change and you will see everything from a different point of view. Just start noticing good things and they will come to your life as well!


If you want your life to become more positive, it is not enough to notice good things, you have to remind yourself about them and a great practice to do this is to thank for them at the end of the day. A few years ago, when I was attending some leadership and well-being seminars, one great lecturer gave each of us a box of matches and asked to burn one match every evening before going to sleep and while the match burns to think about all the things that we are grateful for happening that particular day. It is a wonderful practice because you do not have much time to think about those good things, only a few seconds, so it does not take you long and you simply can not lie to yourself that you do not have time for this. Also, by doing this every evening, you develop a habit because you always know when it is time for a moment of gratefulness.


The third way of attracting positive vibes, the one that I like most, is Caring. Care about others, care about yourself, care about your surroundings and community, anything! Caring changes you and makes you much happier person. Simply remember how nice it was when your mom brought you a cup of hot chocolate without you even asking for it, she did it because she cares about you and knows that it will make you happy but actually it makes her happy as well. So I want you to do the same, do something nice for anyone without expecting anything back and let that grateful smile be your best reward!

Attracting positivity in your life is not as complicated as it might seem but you will have to do something to attract it. The easiest and most powerful ways to do so, as far as I learnt, is to start noticing things around you, being grateful for them and making others smile.

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July 18, 2017