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6 Tips for Your First Trip to Cyprus

If you’re following me on Instagram, you probably noticed that recently I was visiting Cyprus. It was my first trip to this beautiful island and it was a great vacation. However, right when we bought tickets and began planning our itinerary, we understood that there are things we need…

16 Things to See in Vilnius

For me, Vilnius is a charming city. Its old town with narrow streets and enchanting architecture, greenery and secret gems are what I love most about it. Therefore, almost a week ago, I imagined that it’s not a city I know to the bits, but a completely unknown place,…

Family Kayaking Trip

Almost every year, in the middle of the summer, our whole family spends a day together kayaking.  Last year my boyfriend and I weren’t in Lithuania so we had to miss this adventure. So this year I was very excited about this trip and couldn’t wait for it. We…

Trip to Pazaislis Monastery

Sometimes, even very short trips can give us a lot of great things and this trip to Pazaislis monastery was exactly like that. Just a few hours away from home, three of us and hearts full of amazement.
Flashback to My Childhood
Since I was a little kid, I loved traveling….