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Retreat at Margis Hotel & SPA

Last weekend my boyfriend and I went to the Margis resort near Trakai. We were planning to go there for quite a while but summer weekends were full of activities and we postponed this retreat until September. It also happened to be a week after our trip to Cyprus…

16 Things to See in Vilnius

For me, Vilnius is a charming city. Its old town with narrow streets and enchanting architecture, greenery and secret gems are what I love most about it. Therefore, almost a week ago, I imagined that it’s not a city I know to the bits, but a completely unknown place,…

Trip to Pazaislis Monastery

Sometimes, even very short trips can give us a lot of great things and this trip to Pazaislis monastery was exactly like that. Just a few hours away from home, three of us and hearts full of amazement.
Flashback to My Childhood
Since I was a little kid, I loved traveling….