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Once in Venice, Italy

Continuing our train-tripping travel series in Italy, after visiting Florence and Bologna, we went to Venice.

Once our train left the main-land and was riding through the water to Venice island, I was full of excitement and couldn’t wait for us to arrive in one of the most praised cities…

The taste of Bologna

Some time ago, I shared the details of our trip to Florence and also wrote about train-tripping in Italy. Well, now it’s time to share our tasty experience in Bologna!

We came to Bologna by train from Florence, and it was our second destination in Italy. 

There we chose to stay…

Memories from Rome, Italy

A couple of days ago I felt an incredible eager to travel. Like now. I had to travel somewhere at that particular moment. And that was when I took my laptop and instead of opening a site to find plane tickets, I opened my photos folder. Scrolling an infinite…