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Joy of Golden Details: Tadam!

Have you ever noticed how golden details can make us feel warm? Well, every year, when the golden leaves start falling down, I remember this. There’s nothing as warmth giving as golden colors.

This Autumn is not an exception. There are barely any leaves left on the trees and everything…

It’s All About the Eyes

Since the day I decided to drastically change my makeup routine, it was all about the eyes. I always thought that eyes are one of the most important parts of our body. Not only because we can see the world through them but also because others can see the…

Love Simplicity – Planet Kasumi

Recently, a wonderful Planet Kasumi pendant came into my life. One more minimal accessory in my collection. One more piece of art. One more perfect gift from my love. Minimal accessories are definitely my favorite ones, let me tell you why.

Express Yourself
Accessories are the final…

Surprising Lepo Lipstick

Recently, I found a surprising lipstick. It’s Lepo lipstick. You can even call it miraculous because of what it does. Or should I say how it works? Well, since the summer has started, my lips were bright pink and I felt divine mostly because of that lipstick.
Let Us Show…