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In Love With Kenzo World

As long as I can remember, I always had a thing for perfumes. I was always looking for new, mesmerizing smells and mood-lifting tones that would suit me best. Well, after a while I found a new scent that stole my heart. It’s Kenzo World.
Perfumes and I
As the time…

Rasa Skincare Products

Keeping facial skin always healthy and radiant is not easy, at least for me. Probably I was too happy about the condition of my skin recently because, well, acne happened to me. I don’t trust home remedies so headed straight to the pharmacy and got myself a few Rasa skincare…

About Being a Conscious Consumer

I wanted to talk to you about the importance of conscious consumer for a while. Now, when we can buy whatever we want quite easy because of the internet and worldwide shipping, it’s important to be responsible for our actions and be conscious consumers.
Being a conscious consumer means that…

Love for Vintage Clothes

My love for vintage clothes started many years ago and, in my opinion, only vintage shopping can be compared with a therapy. There’re so many wonderful things about vintage clothes that I just can’t keep them only to myself, I want you to know them as well!
Therapy of Vintage…