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More plants in the house

Around a week ago, when I had a vacant day, I went plant hunting. Some time before that, I looked for various plants on Pinterest and went through an indoor plants book looking for plant ideas. I already own quite a lot of green fellows but I needed some…

Balcony garden

For the first time ever I’m having a balcony garden!

Before, I used to have only a window sill garden. Which means almost all sills in our home used to be full of pots with herbs.

Well, now we have a proper balcony and it’s all dedicated to eatable greens.

I planted…

Plant Care Guide: Sansevieria

My parents’ home is filled with plants and especially sansevierias. I couldn’t say that I liked sansevierias. On the contrary. I used to find them somehow irritating and was sure I’ll never have them at my home.

I was wrong.

Currently, there are three pots of sansevierias at my place….

Taking care of indoor plants during winter

When the heating season begins, it’s a duty of every plant owner to make sure the plant will spend the winter pleasantly.

There is one of the most important parts of taking care of indoor plants during winter. It is finding the right spot for them. It must have enough…

Plant Care Guide: Aloe Vera

When my home was filled with plants, there still was one plant missing. The Aloe Vera. And I got myself it last Winter, just a couple of days before Christmas. It was a perfect gift from me to myself and I’m still very glad to see this Aloe Vera plant on my kitchen…