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Charms of January

There’re so many little details in life that make us happy that I decided to start a new thread dedicated to those lovely charms. This January I was surrounded by charms of…
Movie “Hidden Figures”
It’s a wonderful movie about three American-African women working at NASA. Their lives were far from…

Redefining Success

Lately, I noticed how differently we understand the word “success”. What is a success for some people, might be a complete misfortune for others. I believe that what was called success a while ago isn’t it anymore, that’s why it’s time to redefine what success truly is.
First Thoughts
What are the first thoughts…

Things I Do When I Need Inspiration

I was feeling a lack of inspiration lately regarding my blog posts and topics I want to write about. It’s simply impossible to always feel inspired and be full of original ideas. Gladly, during the past few months, I was tracking the actions that help me during those inspirational downtimes….

My Personal Goals for 2018

I wasn’t sure whether I should share my goals with you guys because they’re quite personal but then I thought, the more people will know about them the better. Don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people who feel more motivated to make their dreams come true…

Weekend Trip to Kiev

For the past few years, we’ve been celebrating New Years with friends in Vilnius but this year we wanted to fly somewhere. We decided to visit Ukraine’s capital Kiev and celebrate New Years there! This is what this post is about – our short but memorable trip to Kiev.