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Don’t Let Fears Stop You

Recently I was thinking a lot about my own fears and fears in general. I wish I could say that I have none of them or just a few. But the reality is different. I have so many fears that I can feel them in my everyday life. They’re stopping…

Family Kayaking Trip

Almost every year, in the middle of the summer, our whole family spends a day together kayaking.  Last year my boyfriend and I weren’t in Lithuania so we had to miss this adventure. So this year I was very excited about this trip and couldn’t wait for it. We…

Surrounded by Charms is 1 Year Old!

Oh, today is one year since I published the first post on Surrounded by Charms and I’m incredibly happy to have you here with me!
Life Full of Charms
Since I started sharing my stories with you, I had to change my routine and step out of my comfort zone and…

No More Monday Blues

I wish this post was about the blues music played on Mondays. But actually, it’s about another kind of Monday blues you probably already know about. It means the sadness or mild depression because it’s… a Monday. I want to talk to you about this strange feeling and share…

Trip to Pazaislis Monastery

Sometimes, even very short trips can give us a lot of great things and this trip to Pazaislis monastery was exactly like that. Just a few hours away from home, three of us and hearts full of amazement.
Flashback to My Childhood
Since I was a little kid, I loved traveling….