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Always late Motivation

It’s the middle of the night. Almost. 23:03 to be precise.

And it’s the time of the day (or is it night yet?) when I get motivated.

Frankly speaking, motivation was one of my biggest struggles lately.

For a completely UNunderstandable reason, I can’t get myself done much during the day.


The all-knowing showers

I had a shower today. And LOTS of unanswered questions. They all were rhetorical so it wasn’t like I needed to get answers from someone else, I needed to give them myself.

So yeah, I had a shower. You know, when you’re rinsing your hair and warm, maybe even…

Stationery of my dreams – MUJI

I always loved nice looking, usually hardcover notebooks, high-quality pens, colorful highlighters, and so on. Yup, stationery is my weakness, I admit that.

However, until now, I didn’t have one particular brand which stationery I’d always enjoy. Most of the time, it’s like one-at-a-time pieces that get my attention…

Taking the Most of Staying-At-Home Period

When most of the world is under quarantine and staying at home, I noticed lots of memes and posts about people getting bored. Also, there was one sad but good quote going on around the internet.

Our grandparents were called to war. We’re called to sit on the couch. You…

The Silence of Social Media

Have you ever tried turning off social media notifications on your phone? I did. It was the best decision I could make. 

So, recently we went on vacation, and I was truly incredibly tired of all the work and studies stuff plus working on social media every day… Therefore, I…

Lovely pics! What’s your camera gear?

Whenever I see a good-looking photo I wonder, what camera gear was used for that shot. And I get asked quite often about the gear I use myself so… wonder no longer, the answer is here!


Since the beginning of Surrounded by Charms, I was using my boyfriend’s camera -…