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Three years went by… Thank you!

I am happy. Sitting in my balcony garden, sipping a homemade kombucha, enjoying the smell of my beautifully growing tomatoes and basils and thinking of how glad I am because of the past three years while I’m writing 291st blog post.

Three years ago I took all my…

A glimpse back a.k.a. birthday reflections

I still remember those days when twenty-somethings seemed like true adults who already are a bit old. You know, the aunties and uncles kind of old. I guess, I must have been around elementary school age when I had those thoughts.

As I became a young adult, my attitude towards…

My passion made me do it

Now you may have noticed that from time to time I share some new projects I’m working on.

Well, I guess that just how I am, forever dreaming and sometimes making my dreams come true.

The brand new project of mine is Rinkodara visiems. It’s s marketing knowledge sharing blog for…

Honest talk about all this madness

It’s the sixth week of quarantine here in Lithuania.

Up until now, I believed that I’m an complete introvert and that staying at home almost all the time would be my dream come true.

Well, I was wrong.

I’m going nuts.

Working and living in the same place, not being able to meet…

One month with meinen Freund Duolingo

It’s been 34 days since the quarantine boredom hit me. And, while looking for something interesting to try out, I re-downloaded Duolingo app.

Yup, I needed a little bit more than one week to crave new activities, challenges and just something else than sleep, eat, work, chill, repeat.

While scrolling on…