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Creative break – is it worth it?

I have been repeating that I need a creative break for along time. And now I finally had it. A little bit more than two months when I didn’t have to create anything. Unless I wanted.

But was it worth it?

My creative break began on July 25th, the day…

Getting a puppy: the joy and frustration

I always considered myself a cat person. Until I learned about Australian Shepherds. Now we’re getting a puppy.

It’s only two weeks left until we are bringing home our very first pet! An Australian Shepherd puppy named Alfie Freddie.

Honestly, I’m feeling quite overwhelmed right now. And it’s like a…

Freedom is not granted

These days, I try to avoid listening, watching, and reading the news. It hurts too much to know what is happening very close to my home, just across the border, in Belarus…

Raised with freedom

I am Lithuanian, and since the early days, my parents and grandparents raised me as a…

Three years went by… Thank you!

I am happy. Sitting in my balcony garden, sipping a homemade kombucha, enjoying the smell of my beautifully growing tomatoes and basils and thinking of how glad I am because of the past three years while I’m writing 291st blog post.

Three years ago I took all my…