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Charms of January

There’re so many little details in life that make us happy that I decided to start a new thread dedicated to those lovely charms. This January I was surrounded by charms of…
Movie “Hidden Figures”
It’s a wonderful movie about three American-African women working at NASA. Their lives were far from…

Redefining Success

Lately, I noticed how differently we understand the word “success”. What is a success for some people, might be a complete misfortune for others. I believe that what was called success a while ago isn’t it anymore, that’s why it’s time to redefine what success truly is.
First Thoughts
What are the first thoughts…

Things I Do When I Need Inspiration

I was feeling a lack of inspiration lately regarding my blog posts and topics I want to write about. It’s simply impossible to always feel inspired and be full of original ideas. Gladly, during the past few months, I was tracking the actions that help me during those inspirational downtimes….