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Downtown Food Hall

When I moved to London, I fell in love with all the street food and its restaurants simplicity. Also, I really enjoyed going to food markets housing cluster of stalls and bars. The vibe of those places was incredible and dreamed about a similar place in Vilnius as well.


Asian Fusion – Kinza

It was a lazy Sunday evening… And when I say lazy evening, I mean that the whole day was spent in bed, sleeping, binge-watching some TV series and drinking lots of tea (snacks included).

However, at the end of that day, my boyfriend and I were quite hungry but…

Shark Tail Sushi Take Away

There’s an Asian food restaurant close to our home called Shark Tail Sushi. I’ve never tried their food before because across the street is a pizza place and probably I’m more a pizza person than a sushi person. Well, but that’s great when there are some unexpectedly nice things…